Easy to set up, easy to use. UniRoute is the solution for Broadcast Routing. With a completely customizable web-based interface and easy to use control panel, UniRoute is the perfect solution for your production environment.

Add/Remove ports on the fly, customize panels for every user, secure ports, and create logical tie lines. UniRoute simplifies broadcast routing, and at a competitive price!

Easy Access.

UniRoute is web based and works on all major browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

Add Uniroute to your existing infrastructure, and it does the rest. No need to install software on individual machines. With Uniroute, you simply open your web browser and you’re ready to go!


Whether you have operators who need full router functionality, or limited access, UniRoute abides. Each user has a router profile that can be completely customized to their needs. Define as many, or as few router ports. It’s up to you!

Did we mention that all logos can be customized for each source and destination port? Now, there’s a friendly user interface.


UniRoute is secure. Access to the system is protected by encrypted logon credentials. With customizable profiles, users only have access to what you assign. No more accidental routes because of confusing router panels!

UniRoute keeps you informed. Administrators can access the system history, which details the activity of all routes made on the system.

Plays Well With Others.

Have multiple routers from different manufacturers? No problem. UniRoute was designed to handle your situation. No more operator positions with two or more router panels. Routing should be simple. With Uniroute’s logical routing tie lines, the system handles it for you.

We currently support Evertz, Matrix Switch Corp, Sierra Video, Grass Valley and Miranda. If you have a device which you’d like to use with UniRoute, please contact us.


Lock down those critical on-air paths quickly and easily, and don’t worry about locking down the tie line--if used: the system will do it for you. When you’re done simply unlock it, and you’re good to go.

Suppose you have confidential material. Uniroute will route that material to you and disable it from everyone else. When you’re done simply unlock, and the system will re-establish all previous crosspoints.

UniRoute Saves.

No need to spend $800+ per user and additional dollars for expansion panels. Uniroute panels are sold as a seat license. Every panel is customizable, to any scale. No need to spend more money on expansion panels or hardware.

Let UniRoute be your primary routing solution!